A desperate celestial mining engineer races against a vengeful hacker to save his friend, the only one who knows the way home. Survive the harsh conditions of a world riddled in conflict and uncover deep secrets best left buried light-years from Earth.


HEVN is a first-person adventure game, set just over one hundred years from now.

Corporate factions are vying for control over our solar system’s vast resources while others are violently advocating for humanity to retreat to a less-technological age.


You play as Sebastian Mar, a young man seeking a better life by joining a celestial mining mission. You are sent to a base on a far-off planetoid, suspiciously dilapidated and likely sabotaged. You must do what you can to survive, track-down your crew mates, and fend off aggressive local lifeforms to make it home.


As an employee of Nomoni Incorporated, you'll navigate the physical and political dangers of a controversial mining mission, uncovering deeper secrets better left buried, light-years from Earth.


Although assisted by robots and a central AI system, you’ll need to watch your health and mental state closely to make it by on this faraway rock. As you find yourself caught up in a twisting story of interstellar intrigue, you might find yourself with more than your own problems on your mind...

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