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Release date:
Sept 24th, 2018


Xbox (Coming soon)
Mac (Coming soon)
Linux (Coming soon)


HEVN is an open-world adventure game, set on a desolate planetoid a hundred years into the future. Corporate factions are vying for control over our solar system’s resources, while others are violently advocating for humanity to retreat to a less-technological age.

Sebastian Mar sets off on a celestial mining mission, but finds his destination deserted, crumbling, and possibly sabotaged. With the help of his colleague Edna via radio broadcast, Seb must figure out a way to survive - exploring an unfamiliar world, battling its hostile elements, and fending off aggressive local life forms in order to find a way back home.

HEVN fuses exploration, action, and survival mechanics to create an immersive sci-fi sim. Navigate the surface of Naic and investigate the many sectors of the Nomoni Mining Facility. Search for answers while maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing. Traverse a rich and interactive world, as you uncover an increasingly sinister plot and do what you can to make it off this faraway rock alive.


  • Navigate and explore the perils on Nomoni's off-world base on Naic

  • Uncover a deep and involved mystery

  • Interact with a rich environment, its machinery and systems

  • Converse with both humans and droids

  • Discover and utilize unique weapons and tools

  • Fight off aggressive lifeforms and malicious robots

  • Overcome obstacles and puzzles to progress

  • Eat, drink, sleep, and take medications to survive

  • Non-linear puzzle-solving, with multiple ways to progress

  • Support for many languages including French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and more.







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English, Spanish, French,
Italian, Catalan, German,
Japanese, Simplified Chinese,
Russian, Korean


Miga is an independent game studio based in Seattle, WA.


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