Who are we, and how did we get here?

Larry and I have been friends and on-and-off coworkers for years now. After working for a fairly dysfunctional, typical little media company in their software department, we got an opportunity to launch our own happy and healthy little start-up with a good number of friends. It was satisfying at first but it didn't make enough money and some folks had to find better jobs.

We stuck around because a) we are probably insane and b) after starting to learn game development we really didn't want to go back to coding for other people.

Game dev is hard. I was too optimistic at first, too confident we could write a game quickly.... good enough to get us to the next phase. Larry was more realistic. He had started in on HEVN much earlier and had a better idea of just how difficult and time-consuming making a decent game could actually be.



It's been years now. We've learned a lot. HEVN has gone through at least 5 major iterations in genre, production value, mechanics, and narrative. We are happier with how it's shaping up and are now nearing a real release (after a couple false starts!). 

We'll be documenting the run-up to our release this summer. We'll write about what that process is for a tiny, 2 man team with no outside money, what we've learned along the way, and what mistakes we hope to avoid next time!!